Homemade Face Masks for Kids – Treats For Premature Aging

Homemade face masks for kids are one of the greatest ways to get your kids to involve in your household. Kids love to be involved in all the fun activities, yet sometimes they just want to stay home and cuddle up on the couch. Sharing your homemade face masks for kids with your children is one most rewarding and best ways to accomplish this. Most children simply love nothing better than being involved in your grown-up’s business. By teaching them how to create homemade facial masks they not only get to participate in making the favorite facial mask you’ve created but also enjoy the experience as well.

Many of the simple recipes you will find can be made with everyday ingredients found right in your kitchen or bathroom. All it takes is a few minutes of your time to whip up a healthy, unique mask that your child will love to show off. The basic ingredients are usually just common grocery store ingredients. For example, ground sea salt, oatmeal, honey, lemon juice, and water can all be used to create a variety of great masks. They can range from whitening effects to moisturizing to pain killing to even temporary weight loss.

One easy and very quick recipe you can use for morning face masks is to take a cup of water and add one teaspoon of honey, a quarter-teaspoon of vanilla extract, and a quarter-ounce of lime juice. Once your child stirs this mixture thoroughly, add one-half teaspoon of powdered milk, and then pour it over your kid’s cheeks and let it sit for approximately thirty minutes to blend. If your kid is not a fan of the honey taste, try adding in different flavors like lemon, cinnamon, or yogurt to give it a little variety.

Another delicious recipe you may find is to mix in either fresh or frozen fruits with a pinch of salt. For example, if you are making a mask for an overnight treatment, add in either strawberries or raspberries and mix them in with a half-ounce of lime juice. If it is in the wintertime, you can add in either ice cubes or milk and let this cool on your kid’s face for about thirty minutes before washing it off. This is a great treatment to make for an overnight sleepover or special birthday party.

Finally, for summertime, you can create a mask that will improve the texture and appearance of your youngster’s skin. To create this mask, combine two spoons of arrowroot or double cream of cocoa, a quarter-ounce each of lemon juice and mint, and a quarter-ounce each of vegetable broth, lime juice, and cool boiled water. Use a clean wash cloth to apply the mixture to your kid’s face, and then gently scrub in circular movements until the mask is thoroughly blended. Rinse it off immediately to avoid any damage.

If you’d like to try something different, try adding green tea and yogurt to the mix. These ingredients are known to have antioxidant properties, which fight against the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. They also promote the healing and protection of the skin, and they have been proven to reduce premature aging. The combination of these ingredients will help your child have soft, smooth, glowing skin. If you would like to get more information on how to create these remedies using ingredients you already have in your home, you can find recipes by searching the internet.