Homemade Face Masks For Kids That Work

Homemade face masks for kids are among the easiest, cheapest and fuss-free ways to have a healthy glow for a short period of time. They save you a lot of money that would otherwise be spent on the likes of skin toning lotions and anti-aging creams. Sharing your homemade face masks with your kids is one most worthwhile and best ways to do this. Kids just love nothing better than to get involved with the grown ups business.

You will need: One or two medium sized rinses or wash cloths washed thoroughly using lukewarm water. Some people omit the rinse step and dip the towel into boiling water as a second step. Either way, it is always better to rinse the towel instead of placing it directly onto the face. Your kid will not be able to scrub off the harmful ingredients of ordinary soap without ruining his skin or you will be putting yourself at risk of chemical burns.

Mixing all the ingredients: The recipe for homemade mask begins with mixing together a paste from uncooked cornmeal, egg white and yogurt. Add some sea salt to give it a little texture and then let it sit on the face for about 20 minutes. This is very beneficial for opening the pores of the skin. Then, gently wash it off with warm water. Remember to rinse the wash cloth out afterwards to make sure that all the ingredients are removed. Once done, pat dry and your kid should be ready to apply on their skin!

Applying the mask: Your kid should first wet his/her face with some water and add a little honey to the mixture. Mix the honey with a few drops of olive oil to have a good emollient while applying it on the face. Gently wipe the mixture all over the face with a washcloth until it is absorbed by the skin. Do this for a few times until all the soap ingredients are removed. Then your kid can now apply and mix on the yogurt and cornmeal mixture all over the face to cool it off.

Rinse the mixture off: When the mask is still a bit hot, you can now gently wash off all the ingredients and put your child’s face back in the water. Just make sure that the water is lukewarm and avoid too much soap suds. Repeat the process until all the ingredients are completely removed and your kid is finally clean and dry! Now you can already use him/her with confidence without worrying that your kid might accidentally swallow some chemicals.

To make sure that the homemade mask works well for your kid, you may want to add some vitamin C in the water. Add about a teaspoon of this vitamin to about a cup of lukewarm water. Mix it well and your kid should be able to put his/her face in the mixture. This combination of lukewarm water and vitamin C will give your child more healthy skin as well as the fight against bacteria and fungi. After you have done this, you can already let your child take a deep breath and look radiant.